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Do you still need the hem on banners if you use Holdons?

Often not, because Holdons do not puncture the fabric and the gripping area is spread. Installing an eyelet actually weakens the area where it's installed. The performance with traditional eyelets on non-hemmed material is generally unsatisfactory. Do a comparative test yourself.

We use traditional printing methods of printing banners, can we still benefit from using Holdons?

Holdons may not always be the best answer, but there will be many occasions when Holdons will be more convenient and perform better than traditional methods. The Holdon™ for example, is great on large format banners where the positioning and the number of fixing points is particularly critical.

How strong are they?

The body of the Mini is load tested to 45kg and the Maxi 100kg.

How much grip do they have?

The holding efficiency is tested on 650/700 coated vinyl fabric. The Mini holds to a minimum loading capacity of 45kg and the Maxi, 100 kg. This may vary slightly from fabric to fabric.

Will the standard Mini and Maxi grip all fabrics with the same efficiency?

For practical purposes yes, with the exception of when they are being used on polyester or other 'hard' fabric. The Holdon™ on these fabrics needs the 'friction insert' provided with each Mini - this ensures exceptional gripping efficiency.

Will they tear the fabric in extreme conditions?

This very much depends on the quality of the fabric. However, our experience is that the stress on the fabric when using a Holdon™ is considerably less than with traditional eyelets. When used on exceptionally tough fabric the Holdon™ will tend to absorb the shock loading imposed by high wind. The larger gripping area of the Holdon™ helps to spread the load.

How many times can I re-use Holdons?

Holdons are made from a nylon/GRP polymer mix which gives them great strength and plastic memory. Providing the Holdon™ has not been put through long-term repeated extreme stress, you can use them over and over again. The best test is to fix one on some fabric and put the maximum manual loading you can on it. Their enduring gripping power is amazing.

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