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From Theatre Drapes to State-of-the-Art Blue Screens

John Herber Ltd is a family-run company based in Kaiapoi on the South Island of New Zealand. Its founding father was John Herber, who began work supplying theatres with drapes and backdrops in the late 1940. John was a Canvas Fabricator who had learnt his trade during World War 2. He had a passion for theatre and through his involvement with it, he turned his knowledge of canvases to manufacturing backdrops and drapes.

John Herber Ltd has always been a family-orientated business and in 1979, the company was bought into by Graeme and Diane Philip, as John moved into retirement. In later years, they were joined by their sons, Mark and Deane. During their ownership, the company - still named John Herber Ltd, even after John passed away due to its recognition within the industry - has grown to become the leading theatre drape manufacturer in New Zealand.

The company has grown from its roots in theatre drapes and backdrops to designing and supplying materials not only for theatre and cinemas, but for TV studios, movie companies and cinemas, auditoriums, halls and sports centres (see Product Showcase).

Find out more about John Herber Ltd and the team which makes the company what it is today.

Drapes, Curtains, Backdrops and Screens
Theatre Supplies

Theatre Supplies »
For use in theatre, cinema, studios, auditoriums and civic venues, we proudly manufacture and supply

Canvas Technology

Canvas Technology »
We create almost every canvas product for boaties, property owners (shops, homes, gyms, etc.), farmers and Polar explorers:


Acoustiflect »
We have pioneered the way forward in auditorium and studio sound shells through our fully-customisable Acoustiflect products.


Fire-Shield »
The best flame retardant products and application services means property and people can be well- protected from fire through fire-retardant technology:

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