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Acoustiflect for Perfect Sound

Acoustiflect products were created by Graeme Philip, Managing Director of John Herber Ltd. Graeme recognised the need for sound reflective panels (or sound shells) for auditoriums, school stages, event venues and studios in New Zealand. He put pen to paper and invented Acoustiflect sound panels (shown below).

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Theatre Supplies

Theatre Supplies »
For use in theatre, cinema, studios, auditoriums and civic venues, we proudly manufacture and supply

Canvas Technology

Canvas Technology »
We create almost every canvas product for boaties, property owners (shops, homes, gyms, etc.), farmers and Polar explorers:


Acoustiflect »
We have pioneered the way forward in auditorium and studio sound shells through our fully-customisable Acoustiflect products.


Fire-Shield »
The best flame retardant products and application services means property and people can be well- protected from fire through fire-retardant technology:

"Sound shells and sound panels improving the acoustics in indoor and outdoor auditoriums and studios throughout New Zealand and Australia."