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Graeme Philip, Managing Director

Graeme is a qualified motor mechanic, but has over 33 years' experience in stage theatre design and in the development and manufacture of stage curtains and rigging systems.

Diane Philip, Company Secretary and Director

Alongside Graeme, Diane bought a share in John Herber Ltd in 1979. Under their joint directorship, the business has grown into New Zealand's leading theatre drape manufacturer.

Mark Philip, Production Manager and Director

Mark left school and joined the company in 1985 to start a four-year Canvas Fabrication apprenticeship. Since completing his apprenticeship, Mark has trained all the other production staff who have joined John Herber Ltd. In 1989, Mark and his wife Tania bought a share in the company.

Deane Philip, NZ Fire-Shield and Installation Manager

Along with Graeme, Deane travelled to New York in 2004 and obtained his Instructor's Certificate from NY Fire-Shield. This certification enables Deane (and Graeme) to treat and certify drapes and fabrics with Inspecta-ShieldTM Flame Retardant and train others to do so.

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Theatre Supplies

Theatre Supplies »
For use in theatre, cinema, studios, auditoriums and civic venues, we proudly manufacture and supply

Canvas Technology

Canvas Technology »
We create almost every canvas product for boaties, property owners (shops, homes, gyms, etc.), farmers and Polar explorers:


Acoustiflect »
We have pioneered the way forward in auditorium and studio sound shells through our fully-customisable Acoustiflect products.


Fire-Shield »
The best flame retardant products and application services means property and people can be well- protected from fire through fire-retardant technology:

"Experienced and trained in theatre drape design and installation, canvas fabrication, fabric and commercial property flame retardant treatments."