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Flame Retardant Fabrics & Curtain Colours

If you are unsure about which fabric is best suited to the curtains you require, simply talk to one of the team who will be more than happy to assist you in your selection of fabric choices and colours. Fabric samples are also available on request.

NDFR Fabrics (Non Durably Flame-Retardant)

  • Cabaret Sparkle Velvet
  • Cotton Casement
  • Cotton Cyclorama Canvas
  • Cotton Scene & Artist Canvas
  • Display Felt
  • Euro Gauze
  • Filled Cloth
  • Fine Gauze (Cotton)
  • Flax Canvas
  • Liquid Lamé
  • Reflective Gauze
  • Super Bolton Twill
  • Velvet Velour

IFR Fabrics (Inherently Flame-Retardant)

  • Glacier Polyester Trevira
  • Heavy Weight Dimalan
  • Light Weight Dimalan
  • Polyester Trevira
  • Polyester Trevira Satin
  • Shimmerlite/Glitz
  • Twotone Polyester
  • Voile

FR Fabrics (Flame-Retardant)

  • PVC Coated Fabric (FR)
  • PVC Screen Material (FR)

DFR Fabrics (Durably Flame-Retardant)

  • Velvet Velour
  • Ultra Stretch (Cotton Lycra)
  • Wool Serge

Not FR Fabrics (Not Flame-Retardant)

  • Walking Canvas

More Information About Flame Retardant Codes

Stage Curtains

Use this interactive curtain demonstration and find out where each style of 'front of house' curtains presents on stage. Simply hover your mouse over the curtain style name to see where the curtains or drapes hang.

More About Our Drapes

  • View more about our range of Drape Fabrics.
  • You may also like to visit our Drapes Gallery to see how our curtains fabrics look in the finished product.

Curtain Colours

The colour chart below provides an indication of the colours available for each fabric. Please be aware that colours will display differently on different monitors
and are only a guide.

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