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Typically you don't find theatre drapes taking centre stage, but once in while drapes, backcloths, curtain tracks and canvas products make the headlines. Enjoy reading our selection of stories below:

August 2013

602 Metres of Drapes Installed in New-Look Stadium Southland

In September 2010, the main roof of Stadium Southland in Invercargill collapsed after heavy snow causing substantial damage. Sporting teams were re-homed whilst a new safer roof design and larger capacity stadium were rebuilt. John Herber Ltd were part of the new stadium development, manufacturing and supplying thirty-one black wool serge drapes (9.8 metres high and 6 metres wide) and Sleekline stage curtain tracks.

July 2013

New Stage Drapes for Fire Victim, Maidment Theatre in Auckland

In April 2013, a major fire severely damaged the Maidment Theatre at Auckland University. The fire started when the stage curtain caught fire from a theatre light. It then spread from the curtain, through the stage floor and into the bowels of the theatre. It had also spread into the ceiling space where much of the lighting and electrical equipment for the theatre was housed.

John Herber Ltd were heavily involved in the refurbishment project manufacturing and installing a completely new set of (fire-retardant) stage drapes, Sleekline curtain tracks and PVC cyclorama.

The theatre re-opened in July 2013 ahead of schedule and Margo Athy, manager of theatre said of the refurbishment, "We are impressed, not only with how quickly the repairs have been done, but also with the quality of the work. Given the specialized nature of the stage area and equipment, this was a top priority."

Maidment Theatre

April 2013

John Herber Ltd Help Make Sweet Music

In April 2013, the company manufactured numerous set drapes and backcloths for Opera NZ's well-received production of Phantom of the Opera.

October 2009

John Herber Ltd Wins International Awards for Excellence

The company is proud to announce two wins at the Industrial Fabrics Association International Achievement Awards held in San Diego. An Award for Excellence for its Ractent Shelter System covers and an Outstanding Achievement Award for its Scott Polar Tents.

John Herber Ltd Wins International Awards for Excellence

September 2004

Kong Sized Blue Screen Made by John Herber Ltd

The special visual effects for Peter Jackson's movie, King Kong were essential to the success of the final production and additional visual effects added a hefty $32million dollars to the original production budget of $175million. As part of the visual effects production, John Herber manufactured and installed the largest fabric digital blue screen in New Zealand in Camperdown Studios in Miramar.

King Kong Blue Screen

Feature News Story:

John Key, New Zealand Prime Minister,
visits John Herber

John Key, New Zealand Prime Minister visits John Herber

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"Stories about and from John Herber Ltd's manufacturing and theatre, canvas and fire-retardant products that made headlines in New Zealand."